Northeast Normal University
English Writing Center of NENU 东师英语写作中心

The English Writing Center of NENU exists in order to provide an accessible space designed to equip NENU students with the cultural capital and academic
fluency to navigate their own way through a project, be it an essay or paper, a personal statement, a resume, or an application letter.
The English Writing Center will operate in a way which is sympathetic to the specific needs of Chinese L2(second language) students, and will seek to
incorporate the best of international composition pedagogy while tailoring practice to reflect the Center's professional understanding of the particular
requirements of NENU students.

东师英语写作中心旨在通过项目学习的方式,不论是短文式学术文章、论文、个人学习计划陈述、简历、还是申请信的写作,为东师学生提供一个可以获得文化资本、增强英语写作能力的交流平台。 东师英语写作中心主要面向中国学生二语写作的特殊需求,吸收国际先进的写作教学方法,同时量身定制写作学习方案,体现中心对东师学生特殊需求的专业化理解。

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